De Kersenbloesem, Colonfay (Aisne [02], Picardie)      

De Kersenbloesem (The Cherry Blossom) situated on 2.5ha in the rural environment of Picardië on the edge of the Thiérache offers peace and respect for nature with an added stimulus for the well-being of the creative mind. Here in Picardie you are more than welcome to use our Chambres d´Hôtes. Our gardens and accommodation lets you enjoy peace and stillness. De Kersenbloesem (The Cherry Blossom) offers you a moment to escape the fast lane and experience what stillness is all about. We also reserved some place and time to (re)invent our creativity. At De Ker

Aisne (02)
  Atelier de la Charité, Landouzy la Ville    
  De Kersenbloesem, Colonfay      
  Vakantiehuis Franse Ardennen, Aubenton  
Oise (60)
Somme (80)
Aisne (02)Oise (60)Somme (80)
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